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If you have driven a vehicle before and you need to brush up your driving skills, you may consider the 5-day intensive driving school Norwich has to offer. However, if you are a beginner, this may not be the ideal choice for you because there is too much knowledge to take in within five days. The intensive driving course is not unrealistic and can be a good value for your money. For those who do not want to spend months or years learning how to drive, you can take up an intensive driving course and be ready to sit for and pass the test within two weeks. This is an average of 47 lessons depending on which driving school that you choose.

What do you do on an intensive driving course?

 If you have opted to join a 5 day intensive driving school Norwich, you will get one-to-one tuition from a qualified instructor. It uses the same training that you would for a longer series of normal driving lessons, only that this intensive course is tailored to deal with areas that you are not comfortable with.  The next thing is to get a fast-tracked practical test by the time you are done with your learning. Since this is a short time-frame, you should be ready to spend at least five hours per day on the road.

If you are not sure on the amount of intensive training you need, the 5 day intensive driving school norwich that you chose ought to offer an assessment to determine the best driving course for you.

Where to take the intensive driving course

Many driving schools in the UK offer intensive driving lessons. If you want 5 day intensive driving school norwich, you should choose one that is within your locale and ensure you do some research on it before choosing the one to go with. Do not pay attention to the cheap rate, but also the pass rate. You can also read their reviews to ascertain if the 5 day intensive driving school norwich is the best option for you.

Is there a guarantee to pass an intensive driving course?

The instructor will teach you everything there is to know about intensive driving both theory and practical. However, a government examiner who will assess your skills will monitor the test. As such, no driving school or instructor can guarantee a pass.