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Almost every person thinks driving is a walk in the park until they are behind the wheel. However, there is nothing much to worry about because part of the process of learning how to drive is to make you confident on the road. As such, you should be ready to take up any driving lesson that you want to be in regular classes or intensive driving courses. The intensive driving lessons Norwich are designed with everybody in mind. However, in most cases, they tend to target people who have some level of driving skills. If you want to undertake an intensive driving lesson, you need to search for a course that suits your needs.

Assessment before recommendation

Some of the driving schools that offer intensive driving lessons Norwich will offer an assessment lesson before they can recommend the best intensive driving lesson that meets your needs. It can be either full intensive or semi-intensive driving course. This assessment is important because it helps to establish your current driving ability, how quickly you can learn driving, and the hours of driving tuition that you need.  From his assessment, they can formulate a course for you and help you to become a confident driver as soon as possible.

In Norwich city alone, you can get the following intensive driving lessons:

The works

This one is for those who are starting out and require driving lessons from the start to the end. This takes 40 hours in the course of eight days, meaning that each day will take 5 hours.

Driving assessment

This one enables you to know the best intensive driving lessons Norwich that suits your needs.  It is a two-hour driving assessment lesson and pegs on your driving ability.

Retest special

This is a crash course that takes one day and is meant for people who have taken the driving test recently but want to rectify minor issues.

The weekender

This is one of the intensive driving lessons Norwich meant for those people who have job commitments during the regular days of the week. However, you must be close to the test standards for intensive driving lessons because you will require 12 hours spread over three days. This implies that you will take 4 hours per day.

The brush up

This one is meant for those who want to regain their driving confidence after failing the first test. It will only take you 15 hours spread over three days.