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Locating good driving instructors in Norfolk is not always an easy thing. On the other hand, is it? However, it is not impossible. We have provided this guide for everything you need to know about driving instructors Norfolk.

What are some of the traits you should look out for when finding a driving instructor?

  • The instructor should be patient, calm, tolerant and understanding
  • Ability to work with different pupils. He should have good relationship building skills.
  • Should have great abilities of the hypothesis and routine about driving
  • Ability to prepare and train pupils
  • Be aware of changes in driving rules and test standards

Have you been trying to locate an instructor with the above traits to no avail? There is no need to worry. We are a driving school in Norfolk that offers both automatic and manual hourly classes for beginners and those looking for intensive driving lessons. We have experienced and skilled instructors (both male and female) who are calm, friendly and patient. Learning how to drive at our school is a life changing and fun experience.

We have been offering driving lessons for more than a decade now and we have a great reputation as one of the best and biggest independently operated driving schools in Norfolk area. We are proud and committed on providing top quality lessons and we only higher instructors approved by the DSA. We handpick all our instructors to ensure they meet the standards we have had over the years. We only hire patient, friendly, professional, skilled, experienced, and instructors who take care of themselves.

We have much information and tools on our website . You can go through them since they have useful information on what to look for when trying to locate a good driving instructor. We always advise our students to conduct a proper research before choosing a driving instructor. We believe driving is a vital lifelong skill and an instructor has a great influence on the type of driver you will become. As a school, we are committed to offer driving lessons that will make you a great driver for a long time.

We have both manual and automatic automobiles for our pupils. All our instructors have ADI license with them at any time.


Lessons at our school are always fun thanks to our professional, friendly, calm and patient instructors. When you come to our school, our instructors will ensure that you enjoy every moment of your lessons.